Add New WooCommerce Book/Product Author Tutorial

Adding a new author in WooCommerce is easy. Just follow these steps to add a new author to WooCommerce in no time.

Step 1: Click on Authors

Assuming you have already logged in to WordPress, hover over Products on the bottom left and then click on Author. Here’s a screenshot:

WooCommerce Add New Product Author Tutorial

Step 2: Enter in Author’s Name

Now, simply enter in the author’s full name and click Add New Author (at the bottom) like so:

Add New Author WooCommerce WordPress.

That’s it! The new author has now been added. If you accidentally spelled the author’s name wrong, simply click on the author’s name, where you will then be allowed to correct any mistakes. Likewise, you may delete the author by hovering over the author’s name and then clicking Delete.

New WooCommerce Author Added

Easy, right?