Change PHP memory_limit & PHP.ini Values in Ajenti

Ajenti V’s VPS web control panel has a nice, pretty interface, which attracts many users. It is easy to use, but certain settings may not always be intuitive for everyone. One such setting is changing PHP.ini settings. In this tutorial, we’ll PHP’s memory_limit. Let’s cut to the chase and begin the tutorial!

Step 1: Log in to Ajenti V Control Panel

Using your web browser, log in to your Ajenti V control panel. If you didn’t change the default port number of 8000, then you can log in to Ajenti V by going to (substitute with your VPS or Dedicated server’s IP address). If you did change Ajenti V’s default port number, then simply substitute 8000 with whatever port number you are using.

Ajenti Login Default Username & Password root admin

Ajenti V Default Dashboard

Step 2: Manage Website Configuration / Settings

Click MANAGE to the right of your newly created website.

Ajenti V Manage New PHP WordPress Website Configuration

Step 3: Content Settings Tab

Click on the Content tab. Select PHP. Then enter in memory_limit = 512M; in the PHP .ini values box. Scroll down and click APPLY CHANGES and then wait a moment for the changes to take effect.

Ajenti V Change PHP.ini Values Settings

Step 4: Reboot Server to Implement Change of PHP.ini Values

Click on the Dashboard. Then click the reboot button to reboot your web server. If you are prompted whether or not you want to reboot, click OK. Wait for your web server to reboot.

Ajenti V Dashboard Reboot Web Server